Corinavirus Covid-19

Due to the unfolding situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), sadly our shops in Wimborne & Ferndown are now  temporarily closed.

We kept our shops open for as long as we possible,  we know how important it was for you to be able to rely upon us to fulfill the unbelievable demand upon freezers,  washing machines & televisions to see you through the coming days, weeks and possibly months of not being able to get out and about.  Within reason we have been able to do just that due mainly to the incredible efforts and extra work by our sales & logistics teams.

For over 70 years we have been here in Wimborne serving the local community and rest assured, that will continue.

Even though our shops are closed you can still shop with us, ask us questions and place orders on-line and over the telephone if you want to speak to a real human being rather than a ‘Chat-Line’ in India.

Currently we are still offering a ‘No contact’ doorstep local delivery, it is so important to us that you safeguard yourselves and our staff which is why we cannot deliver inside the home or offer our usual installation services.

In these very uncertain times please take care of yourselves and your families, we look forward to helping you in anyway we can.

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Just arrived the latest Ultra HD Television

The all new 2019 range of televisions from Panasonic have started to arrive in our stores in Wimborne & Ferndown.  Steve Daniels our resident expert on Panasonic televisions has given the first of these the 50″ TX50GX800B  Ultra HD LED television a big thumbs up, why not call in and see for yourself ?

Panasonic TX50GX800B

Proud to Sponsor Pauline

Holman’s is sponsoring Pauline, a local mum who will shortly set off on a solo 300 mile hike of the South West Coast Path in aid of MyTIME charity for young carers. Young carers are children who look after a disabled or sick close relative.  The charity enables local young carers to have time out from their caring responsibilities by providing respite breaks at their outdoor adventure centre on the Isle if Purbeck. 

Pauline was a young carer herself and the local charity is close to her heart, you can follow her progress at She will be blogging and posting pictures taken with her new Panasonic LUMIX purchased from Holman’s as she makes her way from Minehead to the Lizard.

Pauline has been testing the camera and says: “I love the LUMIX DMC-TZ80, the quality of pictures is exceptional and it has all the functions you would expect from a DSLR without the drawbacks.  As I am hiking I needed a compact which is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use, without compromising on quality.  My favourite feature is Wifi which enables me to sync the camera to my I Pad or Android… This will make blogging on the go much easier. I am really looking forward to using it on my hike!”

She has 2 weeks to go before the big day and she will be keeping us updated on her progress.  She has shared some of the pictures taken with her new LUMIX whilst out training on the Isle of Purbeck:


Springtime Spoils at Holmans!

neffSo its spring at last and the Holmans team are hard at work preparing both our Wimborne and Ferndown stores for the upcoming seasonal changes. Oddly enough, some of the most popular products this time of year are kitchen appliances – notably fridges, washing machines and dishwashers. Do the products of old simply breathe their last around spring? We hope not!39779_Spring_TI_Online_Tag_2021x196px

To help our lovely customers ease the financial transition from one appliance to another, we’ve teamed up with Siemens for a fantastic springtime trade-in offer. The offer entitles our customers to 100 in trade-in credit against their desired Siemens product. Is there a catch? Well, that’s where we recommend you get in touch with Holmans in advance to see if your old appliance is applicable for the offer. Siemens has specified which products are valid so it’ll be worth checking first!


In other news we are also offering some rather alluring discounts on NEFF appliances so don’t delay your visit if you’d like to explore our current stock.

Last but not least, BOSCH is also riding high on the charitable springtime spirit with some outstanding savings on selected models. The promotion starts… *checks watch*… today! And will end on the 4th May 2016.

To explore our current online stock of kitchen and washing appliances, click here.

For further updates, we’re knocking about on Facebook and Twitter as usual!

Have a fantastic March – the Holmans team.

Panasonic Raise The Bar

panasonic tvBefore the ubiquitous adoption of LED, LCD and Plasma screens, it was not uncommon to purchase a CRT television and expect it to last you for decades to come. Around 2006, 2007 (arguably the time when Blu-Ray and HD gaming became popular via Xbox 360 and PS3), ‘HD Ready’ screens became highly sought after. Fast forward to 2016 and people are more eager than ever to consistently upgrade their sets, namely to take advantage of smart technology, improved motion rates and image quality.

While CRT televisions dealt with motion rather gracefully (even at the EU standard 50HZ refresh rate), LCD and LED screens somewhat struggled in the early days. Ghosting and motion streaks were not uncommon, but thanks to the improved refresh rates on many modern screens (this Panasonic set boasts an incredible 3000HZ), this is no longer an issue.

If you are using your television for gaming and movies, then we highly recommend ensuring that your HD screen has a refresh rate of at least 60HZ (which was standard in the US since the introduction of CRT thanks to their mains voltage). As for 4K TV, well – investing in a 4K screen is in theory, a wise pre-emptive move. There isn’t a huge amount of 4K content out there, but the screen quality and rendering of 1080p HD content is nothing short of outstanding.

One screen we currently stock and take great pride in presenting is from the 2016 Panasonic range; the 58” LED TX58DX902B. This outstanding screen is not only an exquisite representation of Panasonic’s ruthless approach to build quality, but also a perfect embodiment of everything we have come to expect from high-end screens in 2016. Check the specs below and feel free to drop by our Wimborne or Ferndown showrooms for a personal demonstration.

The Holmans team can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.